Why a candle business?

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So, I’ve always wanted to own my own business. A few years ago, maybe around 2016, I would buy clothes from a wholesale website and sell them on a popular consignment app. I made a killing but life took over and I found myself slowly falling out of the groove of things. I started to find posing clothing so that it looks appealing to consumers and taking pictures a bit daunting, and at that time I decided that it was no longer for me. In addition to doing so, I found myself with a bag of clothing that wouldn’t sell at times. So, I would donate those to the goodwill. Fast forward to January 2020, I moved across country for a new job and shortly thereafter, in March 2020, COVID-19 ensued which meant quarantine. Being quarantined for me wasn’t bad but I did get bored after a while. After all, there are only so many movies and series that one can watch.

In an effort to starve off boredom, I bought different arts and crafts activities to keep me sane. Now, just by nature I am an innovative person and from childhood I’ve always been into arts and crafts and doing DIY.

At first it was sewing. I bought a sewing machine and material and invested in a sewing class to learn how to make COVID-19 masks. I made a few masks and sent them to my mom and grandmother. While sewing was interesting to learn and I’m sure I will pick it back up in the future however,  it was a short-lived hobby.

In April 2020, I stumbled across a candle-making kit and thought that it would be neat to make my own candles. I’ve always been into candles as I love for my home to smell inviting. It can definitely set the tone of the room. I also use to work at a big-name company that sells candles and would often but candles with my employee discount (of course).

When I received the candle-making kit, I made a few candles. Some for myself and others for friends and family members and I began to send them as gifts for Mother’s Day. The feedback from the candles were shocking. So many people complimented me on how wonderful they smelled. At this time, I didn’t know anything about a candle business or even turning a hobby into a business. Included in the candle-making kit were instructions and a discount code for a candle-making business. I put the piece of paper away and didn’t think twice about it.

After candle-making, I moved on to painting, specifically pour art. I loved pour art. It became exciting to see the color combinations and how different they would look versus what I imagined them to be. Pour art was too short-lived as I returned to candle-making.

For me candle-making is my Zen. I like the way that I feel when I am making candles whether traditional fragrances or dessert candles, its all a vibe for me. To set the tone, I turn on music, light a candle and proceed to make them. Candle-making brings me to a different place in my mind and I just love it. I also found this to be true when making soaps as well. I think it’s the fact that I can be as creative as I want to be and there aren’t any limits.

Ok, now let’s fast forward and reverse, because I don’t know where I am in this timeline (LOL!), but in December 2020, I registered a business name. Now remember I said I always wanted to be a business owner, but I didn’t know what I wanted to own, just a business. When I registered a business name, I went with Que by Quon Boutique, LLC. I did not know what I wanted to do with the business, but it was time that I stepped out and faith and at least complete the first step.

In January 2021, I began to create the logo and attempt to create a brand for myself without a product or any idea of what I was doing in hopes that something came to me and that is when it clicked, why not make candle-making my business? From there, Que by Quon Boutique, LLC, now known as Que by Quon Candle Co. became what it was, and I’ve been in business for a year! Happy 1 year in business to me!


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